Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome, Autumn!

The Last Word of a Blue Bird

As I went out a Crow

In a low voice said, "Oh,

I was looking for you.

How do you do?

I just came to tell you

To tell Lesley (will you?)

That her little Bluebird

Wanted me to bring word

That the north wind last night

That made the stars bright

And made ice on the trough

Almost made him cough

His tail feathers off.

He just had to fly!

But he sent her Good-by,

And said to be good,

And wear her red hood,

And look for the skunk tracks

In the snow with an ax-

And do everything!

And perhaps in the spring

He would come back and sing."

~~Robert Frost


  1. Wow thats Very Cool Like this Picture LOL!


  2. Robert Frost is my favorite poet -- and not only because he lived two miles from my uncle. His poetry is very special to New Englanders. Like the picture, too.

  3. Very sweet post. Although fall is a long way off for us. It is so hot here the birds are still taking turns playing in the sprinklers instead of heading south!

  4. Frost! The road less travelled and miles to go before I sleep!

  5. Ah yes, no way back now, autumn is here.;)

  6. Just when I thought it would cool down a bit...the first day of autumn is ushered in with warmth and humudity ***SIGH*** And likin' the new header, Betsy :)

  7. I do hope spring (and our bird friends) do come back but in the meantime...WELCOME FALL!!!

  8. one of a favored poet...your images always match so well friend!

  9. I've been waiting for fall all summer!

  10. my favorite tim of the year. i hope she sticks around for a bit and her cold sister winter takes a good long nap. love the verse and picture.

  11. Down here in Alabama, the autumn brings a welcome respite from the unbearable heat of some days. I'm looking forward to keeping my windows open, and save some money on air conditioning. I loved the painting you chose.

  12. Ahhhhh Mr Frost, ya hotta lurve him! Beautiful picture too!

  13. I'm ready for fall but I'm sure in a few more months I'll be ready for spring!


  14. Manuela ~ isn't that the great thing about the changing seasons?....just about the time we tire of one, another is just around the corner! ;)


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