Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Friend Murphy

"If something can go wrong, it will go wrong....
at the most inconvenient moment"
~Murphy's Law~
Have you ever known people that just have terrible
luck? The Mister is one of those people. We've taken
the concept of Murphy's Law a step further in our
house and say that "Murph", as he's so lovingly
called, is The Mister's right hand man.
If The Mister chooses a check out line in a store,
even if it's the shortest one, it will be the slowest one!
If he needs to tighten a screw on something, it turns
into a 2 hour project.
If he is already running late, he will get behind a huge
combine puttering along at 15 mph.
You get the picture. Poor guy.
Sometimes if it's really been a bad day, we say that
Murph is here...and he's brought his whole family!
You know how garlic wards off vampires? I wonder
if there's something we can get to ward off Murphy?


  1. Had you going there for a sec, didn't I? You thought Murphy was in that casket!

  2. OH! You DID have me going! I thought, "OH MY STARS...who has died?!?!?"

    I am so sorry for The Mister...if I believed in such things I would send along a rabbit's foot or something for him to ward off the MURPH FAMILY! Maybe you are such a good cook and hostess they came to stay!??

  3. Jill ~ do live rabbits feet count? Cause we do have 4 of them here! LOL!

  4. Tell your "Murph" I said "Welcome to the club!" And here I thought I had Murphy and his freaking law all to myself but as another old saying goes, "Misery loves company" so I'll be happy to keep company with your husband where old Murphy is concerned as I've always thought my life revolves around Murphy, for sure.

  5. I remember the washing machine, Hoover, and something else going all at the same time. Expensive friend, that Murphy is.

    Maybe you could bribe him with some of those yummy peanut butter cookies. I know, Murphy was mad because The Mister didn't share his delicious chocolate birthday cake. Hmmm...

  6. I had to laugh - I guess the guy in the casket is going to be late to his own funeral. That old Murphy sure gets around, doesn't he? Why is he so much funnier when he's visiting someone else?

  7. HA! Almost got me 'til I saw the google caption. And I felt like that this morning. Behind all the really...slow...cars, and loooong "express" line at the grocery. Thanks to Murph-LOL!

  8. ha! When I first saw this in my google reader, I was like "what the...".
    You got me indeed... inappropriately laughing, that is. :)

  9. And when your friend Murphy is in that slowest check-out line if he turns around he will see me stood behind him.

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  11. Murph just paid me a visit! Just before reading your post I tried to print off a letter and my effing printer just burnt out!

    Instead of printing, it sent me a real smoke signal.

    The only way to ward off Murph is to shoot him!

  12. murph is a good family friend...once he moves in he usually never moves out...kinda like the family on Christmas Vacation...

    T's bday is next up , Cole on the 29th and Logan on the 4th...whew gonna be a busy month.

  13. I'm right there with the mister. I always pick the slowest line!

  14. Your husband must be very patient. The bible says Tribulation brings patience. I just feel that the older I get the more things are challenging. I guess that's normal, but at times so frustrating.

  15. Hi Betsy

    yes we are used to Murphy's Law over here too, fortunately my family aren't too friendly with Murphy...but FinL was his best friend...
    I think it says something about the law of attraction and attitudes....

    Happy days

  16. And all this time I thought it was just the ghosts at WM!

  17. Ah, but I think he must be lucky, as he has got YOU!;)))

  18. perhaps a change in nickname would help combat that old self-fulfilling prophecy?! hee hee

  19. perhaps a change in nickname would help combat that old self-fulfilling prophecy?! hee hee

  20. I did think murph was dead! Aww poor old murph and hubs! he sounds EXACTLY like me, especially wiht the supermarket lines and fixing things.


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