Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day of Celebrations!

Well, it's the first day of school! Yipee!
And it's also The Mister's birthday!
So what better way to celebrate than with this
one I made for Father's Day with the chocolate
buttercream between the layers and the ganache
poured all over the outside?
What is it about ganache? Is it the velvety texture?
The super shiny surface? Or is it the super dark
chocolate taste that just melts in your mouth?
Whatever it is, it's the perfect way to celebrate!
Happy day boys...hope school goes well today!
Happy day to me ~ for surviving the summer with
three autistic teenagers!
Happy Birthday, to my Mister...I love you!
And happy day all ~~ we're going out to lunch and
a little birthday shopping!


  1. you amaze me ...mine tomorrow ...say happy to the lucky mr ...married to you AND that CAKE!!!!!

  2. You made it! happy day for you!!! I want some of that cake!!! :)
    Happy Birthday to the Mr. and Happy back to school to the boys!

  3. happy day! hope the kids have a great day at school and happy birthday to the Mr.

  4. The cake looks amazing. You're amazing. Happy Day indeed for all the celebrations!

  5. Stunning cake AND picture! Happy Birthday to your lucky mister!

  6. Hello! I don't think I will ever forget your post at the beginning of summer vacation ~ I remember telling my daughter (mother of 12 and 16 year olds) what you had written! I have lots of company coming my way in October and will make this cake - FOR SURE! Good luck, boys .... from this grandmother in Central Oregon!

  7. Betsy, first cookies and now cake. Please! I'm stuffed!-LOL!

  8. Have a wonderful, fantastic day, Betsy!!! Happy Birthday to The Mister too!

    When does Taylor start?

  9. Congratulations to all of you on all accounts, particularly to your great husband.;)) The cake looks incredible.;)) I wish I could have a piece too - any chance you could "email" me one?;))

  10. My mouth is watering!!!! That cake looks heavenly. Happy Birthday to your Mister. He shares his day with my dad.

    Enjoy your gloriously quiet day with the birthday fellow.

  11. Happy Birthday wishes to your hubby...it's my daughter's birthday today too. The big 21!

    That cake looks amazing!

  12. Helen ~ thanks..you are so sweet! My boys will soak up all the grandma love you send them! :)
    I've missed you over the summer! Glad you're back blogging!

  13. Kayren ~ Taylor started last week, so he's into it full swing! :)

  14. Oh my goodness, can I come and celebrate the Mister's BD and have a slice of that delectible looking cake.....?

    How nice to have the boys back in school.

    Happy Birthday wishes and hope your shopping is very successful!


  15. I hope your day was GREAT! What a perfect day for the Mister to have his birthday...the boys off to school...the two of you off to lunch!

    THAT CAKE...Oh...it is GLORIOUS!!

  16. Betsy, I hope that you and the mister had a happy day! How could it not be happy with a date and scrumptious cake on the agenda?! I'm seriously drooling over that cake. Yum!

  17. Hi Betsy

    now I have never heard of ganache if that was how it is spelled...it sounds like panache..

    Happy days

  18. Baino ~ I will confess that I had a piece for breakfast! :) Yum!

  19. Hhow does that cake get to be so shiney?! I suspect it tasted even better than it looks here.

  20. Mmm ~ ganache just does that...it has this beautiful glossy finish! Next time I'll send you a piece through cyber space! :)


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