Monday, July 20, 2009

A Vintage Bracelet

A few weeks ago I posted that I recently received some
jewelry that had belonged to The Mister's mother.
This one was actually his grandmother's.
Bracelets being my favorite item of jewelry, I
was immediately drawn to this one. It is a
series of scenes from Denmark, the ancestory homeland.
When I got it, the loose piece was attached to the end, but
as you can see, that would not allow you to connect
the clasp and wear it. The last piece doesn't have a loop
on the end and there wouldn't be the decorative holder
between the scenes. So, I'm a little puzzled as to what
the last piece is used for. Maybe it is a separate pendant
and was just attached so it wouldn't get lost.
Without it, it is a perfect size for my
wrist and a nice vintage piece. She must
have never worn it since the odd piece was attached at
the end. But I think I'll carefully wear it once in a while!
I'm a believer of using the beautiful things around you.
It makes them more meaningful than just sticking
them in a drawer.
There is the residue of a sticker on the back of each piece.
I'm assuming it was from a price tag or maybe the name of the
landmark featured in the picture. So it has come through
three generations now, and it's fun to think that I would
give it to a daughter Taylor may have one day and
tell her that it has be handed down through five
generations to her!
So, Protege, my friend....I'm hoping this may look familiar
to you and you can tell me a bit about it? Do you ever
see anything like this in the antique shops in Denmark?


  1. Oh Betsy, I is beautiful! Yes, be sure to wear and enjoy it. What a lovely family piece inherit.

  2. A very beautiful bracelet and I would also believe the other piece is a pendant and not part of the actual bracelet due to it not quite matching the other pieces.

    And any granddaughter would be proud to inherit it due to it's family historical value on top of it being so unique.

    God bless.

  3. Betsy, this is beautiful! Incredibly appealing to the eye. And so sentimental to you, considering the fact that this jewelery is being passed on.

    I would agree with you that the last piece is indeed a pendant, considering that its shape (the silver lining around it) is different that the one on the pieces of the bracelet.
    I would think it might be European, when I look at the delicate paintings on each piece.

    I have seen similar pieces that will have other motifs painted on, such as flowers or animals. I will do some more reserach and get back to you.;))

  4. That is beautiful and made all the more special because of it's history!

  5. Beautiful & Interesting.It will be interesting to see what Protege comes up with.

  6. Its a beautiful family heirloom. Its lovely on you.

  7. Amazingly beautiful bracelet - your lucky granddaughter - and they'd BETTER give us some granddaughters, don't you agree!

  8. It's so charming! The little scenes look like they are handpainted. Yes, enjoy it!

  9. That is really beautiful, Betsy!! I hope you're able to wear it.

  10. I too immediately thought of dear Protege!!!

    It is so sweet and delicate...I get SO EXCITED about the idea of you giving it to a grand daughter some day...I think gifts like that are the VERY best! I also wholeheartedly agree that leaving it hiding in a drawer is a complete waste of a very special possession!

  11. this is so unique! i think the separate piece looks like it should be on a chain as a necklace.

  12. I agree that the separate piece could be a pendant, however, what often happens with bracelets of that period (and it is happening in jewellery styling now as well) is that a little "tail" dangles from the closure - almost like a charm.

    It is the same with a necklace clasp where a tiny separate piece is attached to the clasp link so that it freely hangs down the neck. It is quite pretty and sexy when worn that way.

    I will try and find you a picture of what I mean and I will send it to you. Very lovely piece to have!

  13. Suza ~ oh, yes..I know exactly what you mean. I have a few necklaces like that. That is a great possibility...especially since if that single piece were worn as a pendant, the picture would be sideways.

  14. I'm with you, I think the extra piece just may be a pendant. How wonderful it would be to have a matching necklace as well. Wear them both in good health!

  15. What a beautiful piece of jewlery, made all the more valuable because of its family history! Wear it in good health and happiness, Betsy.

  16. I love the bracelet (and extra piece) and the beautiful history behind it. I also think that we should use our pretty things, because otherwise they just kind of go to waste.

  17. I'm with Suza, I like it as a little dangle on the bracelet. what a find! And your blog is a fun find as well.

  18. Those are lovely. Are they painted porcelain?

  19. California Girl ~ I really can't tell what they are made of! I was thinking they were some kind of transferware. I guess a jeweler could tell me!

  20. Okay, now after reading what Suza said, I have to change my earlier assesment and agree with you two. Especially when you add that part about it being sideways with the picture.

    I hope it is okay to change my vote. I am now a better informed voter. Sigh.

    God bless.

  21. I am LO-VI-NG this! Beautiful my friend, beautiful!

  22. I must have missed this post, Betsy. I too, have a bracelet from Denmark. It was Kevin's grandmother's, but is a silver band that just slips on the wrist - you know the kind, no clasp, not a bangle, but with an opening to let your wrist slide in.

    Your's is a lovely one that's for sure. Did Protege get any info for you?



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