Saturday, July 18, 2009

Please can we get a "little" bunny?

That's what Taylor kept asking when we finally went
shopping for Nugget. The pet store wasn't sure what
kind of rabbit he was, so I searched for a look-alike
on the internet. He's a French Lop-earred Giant.
Giant? The chart says there is no maximum size! What
does THAT mean? LOL!! And they
continue to grow during their adult life!
Well, here he is sprawled out of the floor.
I laid the 12 inch ruler there for context.
Almost every evening when the house quiets
down and Nugget lays on the floor at our feet,
The Mister and I say,
"Oh, Nugget...you've grown today!"
I don't care if he keeps growing, but I would like
the shedding to stop!


  1. He looks enormous. We had a similar one some years ago. He kept on growing for about the first four years then strangely enough started shrinking. He made it to 7 so it looks like you will need a good supply of rabbit food.

  2. We think he is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! His silky, shiny coat is beautiful!

  3. He's so gorgeous Betsy! I had no idea he was so big... must make him extra cuddly.

  4. So cute! The pet store where I buy food for my cat has always pet rabbits and I HAVE to stop by each time to look at them as they are simply so cute.;)
    I think rabbits make for excellent pets.;))

  5. Dat is one big wabbit. Waskley wabbit.

  6. Cute, cute, cute! Is he snuggly? If he is there is certainly plenty to love : )

  7. Alan ~ 7 years is good for a rabbit! After cats that lived about 18 years, I was sad to hear the rabbits only live 5-7 years! That seems so short! I'll have to see if he begins to shrink like yours did!

  8. QueenB ~ He loves to be petted...we can do that all day! And he likes to sit on the sofa beside us, but he does not like to be picked up! So, that cuts down on the cuddly part. We'll just stick to the petting and ear scratching! :) Oh...and he loves to chase us around the house...that's the funnest part of all!

  9. OOOOOhhhhh ... I have been WAY behind in my blog reading this summer, but it must be meant to be that I stopped by today :) You know I'm a fellow bunny lover, and he is so sweet. I love how he can just wander your house (ours is in a cage :( ... I can appreciate your thoughts on the shedding, too.

  10. I'm so glad your rabbit is nice. We didn't have such good luck with ours.

    Your photos are most interesting to the eye and your site was a pleasure to discover.

  11. Ooooooooh! He looks so exquisitely soft - I have always thought a bunny would be such a wonderful pet. Maybe it's time now? And I love his "comment" in the sidebar about his ears. We ARE staring at your beautiful ears, Nugget - how did you know :^))

  12. What a cutie! My son wants to hold a pig . . . I think we'll try to borrow one.

  13. Mrs. Mordecai ~ A pig? How cute! Yes, I'd visit a farm or petting zoo for that one! ha-ha!

  14. I could use him to measure my shred pile next time!!! :) He's precious, but if he sheds, maybe I'll pass.

  15. Hi! Betsy,
    I think your sis, took all the words...right out of my mouth!

    What a very beautiful rabbit name...NUGGET...I'am holding up my ruler and all I can say is Wow!
    Oh!... so he is a French Lop-earred Giant?!?...rabbit.

    I think that he is very beautiful!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D


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