Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Theme Thursday = Roof

Dinner on the Roof ~ Miguel Freitas
When I saw that this week's theme was Roof, that great song
immediately came to my mind and I've been singing it ever
since! "When this old world starts getting me down....."
My second thought was that we have a running joke in our
house as I say 'roooof' and The Mister says 'ruff'.
Kinda like tomato and to-mah-to!
I also say 'wolf' and he says 'wuff'....but I digress.
These gorgeous thatched roofs are my faves!
What character! We need a new roof on our house.
I wonder if we could do this!?
Maybe if we lived across the pond!
In the future, NYC may just look like this, with green going
up where there is some unused rel-estate! There are
proposals already in the works and it's supposed to be
good for a cleaner, greener planet!
I guess it's not an entirely new idea! And just as I was wondering
how people would get their riding mowers up there I
found this picture! I guess if you are going to "Go Green",
you should go all the way and not pollute the air
with exaust from a lawn mower!
Don't forget to pop over to Theme Thursday and check out
all the other takes on today's theme! And join in
if you want! It's fun and easy!


  1. I've always wanted goats. But how did they get up there?

  2. You really have always wanted goats! I'm going to get you a baby one for your birthday. Seriously...I see them in the farms here all over the place! A cute little one with a goatee! :)

  3. i so like the freitas painting. the houses seem to be alive and breathing . . . some with their lungs full of air and others with the air all blown out. love the imagery!

  4. your last picture is esp. funny!

    And to answer Willow, they probably just jumped up there. Goats need tall fences, almost like prison fences to keep them in.

  5. I am IN LOVE with the thatched-roof houses.

  6. What a cool collection of images. Loved 'em all.

    (BTW, Willow, if reindeer can land on roofs, why can't goats?)

  7. Ha. Loved the goat pics. Maybe they put them up there when they are babies and just grow from there.

  8. lol. nicely played. the things that go bump in the night are really just the goats mowing the roof. happy tt!

  9. i have not ever seen such artistIc roofs...who knew..great group of images !

  10. Wouldn't dinner on the roof on a cool, breezy evening be lovely? Love that painting!

  11. I love the first picture and think it would look fantastic somewhere in my house. Never heard the song though.

    You been hanging around me too long or always been that way...digressing?

    The goats on the roof are hilarious. My grandparents' neighbor (in town!) had goats and chickens, and we got to go over after school and feed the baby goats after they were born with their bottles. So much fun, and such fun memories. Then she'd feed us cookies, with raisins, and goat milk. I had to be really careful, because she'd give me cookies without if I remembered to ask, and sometimes I'd be so excited I'd forget. And then I'd be so upset about the cookies I'd forget about the milk and take it, and then I'd have to drink it. Not good when you're used to pasteurized cow milk. I think I digressed too.

  12. Love the goats on the roof And no good on the thatched roofs, over here. What with our insane building codes and all...

  13. Goats mowing the roof...wonderful....love Brians comment....a new meaning to things that go bump in the night. Also ditto Julie King.....love the Freitas painting....speaks volumns!!

  14. Julie ~ I agree...the buildings look like they are alive! Wouldn't dinner on the roof be fun?!

  15. OH, what a wonderful post .... these roofs are the stuff dreams are made of. The art work is wonderful ... I don't know the artist but you can be certain I will be doing a bit of research. As always, tin roofs are my fave!

  16. You'll have to remove the goats if you ever want to have a picnic in your roof-meadow, though.

    The common theme today, at least in the comment threads, is a profound love of thatched roofs. Have we started a movement?

  17. I am particularly fond of the goats grazing on the roof!

  18. There are quite a few thatched roofs here in England. I've always thought they were pretty neat.

    A couple of weeks ago we passed by a house that was re-doing their thatched roof. Wish I'd had time to take a better look at how that's done.



  19. Betsy, i shudder the thought of cranking the riding mower in wrong gear by accident and reversing right over the edge! "Watch out! Here comes lawnmower!" :|

    Ahhh, no thank you very much, i think I'll stick to mowing on ground levels only! Hee.

    I say ROOOOOOF as you do as do most peeps who learned phoenetically how to read. I always find it quite fun when i hear "Ruff" though or best yet, "warsher" and so on.

  20. BTW, those thatched roofs are SO expensive that the only way they got peeps to buys those types of cottages was to have the local council help pay for the every other year or so roofing as the entire thing has to be redone that often! And don't even talk about the vermin issue associated or the fire hazzard but yes, adorable,--on the surface of things--at least.

  21. my wife won't let me have a goat...hey, do llamas eat grass?

  22. Hi! Betsy,
    What a very nice post!...I really like what you did with the "roof" theme this Thursday. Especially, featuring the painting (I'am artist you know..) and the thatched roof...ahhh! so
    Shakespearian!...Thanks, for sharing! and I hope that you, and your family have a restful Father's Day week-end.
    I still say... "Nugget is cute!"
    washing his face no less! LOL!
    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  23. I loved the little table and chairs on one of the ruffs in the first picture and then the little doves sitting in the tree watching was so cute. The picture was fantastic.

    It would be fun to see goats up on a roof. But they eat just about everything and so can be hard animals to take care of.

    Great pictures, enjoyed them.

    God bless.

  24. Well NYC would be in difficulty as Thatching is a lost art even in most part of England these days......But A Thatched-Skyscraper Would be kinda Cool!


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