Sunday, June 28, 2009

Favorite Gifts

We surprised Taylor with his own laptop for graduation.
I read somewhere recently that a laptop is the
most popular gift for a high school graduate.
Of course, he's going to need one for college!
We hadn't seen him so excited about a gift since.....
......he got his first Big Wheel!
Remember the show CHiPs? (Eric Estrada...California
Highway Patrolman on a motorcyle?)
Taylor loved the reruns at this age and pretended to
be part of the show. Here he is in one of his many crashes.
He literally wore the wheels down to nothing on several
Big Wheels before he graduated up to a bike with training wheels.
What a cutie!
We all have those few really memorable childhood gifts!
I think these two are on Taylor's list! :)
Thursday is his 18th birthday. I don't think we will
even try to top the laptop!


  1. yes that would be a favorite gift for sure ...bitter sweet days for you mom.... he is growing up!

  2. The professor tells me that all of his students come armed with a laptop. What a practical and fun gift!

  3. That's what our grandchildren that graduated High School got too.

    A great gift and practical when heading off to college. Funny, I graduated in 1959 and got luggage. It was also for college!
    Times have changed. (((smile)))

    Betsy, thanks for stopping by Brushstrokes. I'm past my second surgery now, and trying to get back to regular visiting on my fav. blogs.


  4. Happy birthday for thursday and congratulations for your graduation :)

  5. A gift that will keep on giving. He is a very lucky young man and looks like he is really enjoying it. Great job on his graduation.

    God bless.

  6. Who doesn't love to get a new computer as a gift? He was sure a cute boy and is a handsome young man today.;))

  7. Happy birthday to Taylor!

    my boys like CHIPS, they had CHIPs motorcyle tricycles, and the Dukes of Hazard reruns too. They like Dukes so much, they insisted on being called Beau and Luke for about a month and they really wanted to just climb in the car windows instead of using the doors.

    Memories of little boys are so sweet, aren't they?

  8. The lap top is most certainly a tip top gift!!

    How WELL I remember the big wheels with the tires worn down to NOTHING!! Ripping up and down the sidewalks at top speed! ADORABLE photo and the expression on Taylor's face...SO familiar!

  9. Yes that is a great gift,,,seems to be the best now days. Good pictures of your handsome son!

  10. wonderful photos, betsy! my son adored his big wheel as well. once he rode it around INSIDE the house while i was preoccupied (bathroom) and all the dried up mud in the tires crevices ground into my carpet. what a mess.

    i always love visiting your blog!

  11. Awwwwwww! I think Johnny's favorite gift was a Storm Trooper costume! He always called them Wind Troopers and insisted that they were the good guys!

  12. Don't you just love it when you hit upon the perfect gift? I remember having a crush on Erik Estrada. Your little guy is just as cute :)

  13. I guess you could get him another Big Wheels for old times sake. Or a motorcycle. That might top a laptop.

  14. Kayren ~ just think...in a couple of years you might be buying two at once! :)

  15. A laptop is a great gift. He sure was a cutie with his BIG WHEEL!

    Happy 18th to you too mom! He couldn't have done it without you!


  16. Hi! Betsy,
    I must admit that is a very nice gift to surprise your son with...
    and I agree that is a very nice photograph of him as a small child on his big wheel.
    And Happy 18th Birthday! to your son.

    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  17. Those are so cute. So is his b-day July 2nt? Mine is July 1st. Tell him happy birthday from me. :)

  18. 18? Where did the time go?! I have such a handsome nephew, don't ya think?

  19. Just checking in.....I think a 500 CC motor cycle would top the lap top...;you know...he needs one....you got him a big wheel when he was young.....this kind of follows suit! And your welcome for the advice!!

  20. Betsy, I love the picture with his hat turned backwards and him seriously getting into his laptop. I know he must have been thrilled. The summer is going so fast. Happy Birthday Taylor!!

  21. My oldest son just graduated high school, too. His gift for graduation from my husband and I: a laptop! And we thought he was surprised when we got him an iTouch for his 18th birthday :-) Congratulations on raising such a fine young man!

  22. Strider ~ yea, right! ha-ha! Don't give him any ideas! So great to see you around!

  23. Not so reluctant ~ and Itouch is a great idea...but...he just bought one with some of his graduation money! Sounds like our boys have the same ideas! :)

  24. What a great gift! I loved Chips when I was young!

  25. I have great memories of my boys and their big wheels too. I wonder why they stopped making them. They were fairly cheap so even though the wheel wore away it wasn't hard to replace it with a new ride. I recently saw a newer version of this old favorite but the price wasn't cheap anymore.


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