Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One More Look

I'm still enjoying my little bouquet and thought you'd like to see
what is surrounding it. I got the lamp last week while visiting my
sister and doing a little shopping. It's tin and handpainted.
It's a nice change on my old table. The watercolor was actually
painted by said Willow almost 2o years ago for my birthday.
But then, you already knew she was talented. :)
One thing that never changes is the candy dish. It has become
a constant by the front door. Want a red gumdrop?
Don't columbine look like little bonnets? The blue ones
are in their third season here and spreading nicely.


  1. So that is what the pretty flowers in my garden are called, Columbine. Thank you.

  2. YOur vignette is just gorgeous. I love all the items the way you've arranged them. Each is interesting on it's on, but so lovely together. Your new lamp is absolutely stunning. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  3. I have always loved wild, meadow flowers. They remind me of my childhood.
    The lamp is beautiful and I sure would love a gumdrop, please.;) xo

  4. Betsy ~~ thank you for stopping by my post.

    I love your lamp and little bouquet, made me feel right a home.

    I scrolled down and read your previous posts, and was touched with your life and your touch of beauty in your home.

    I will be back....

    A new friend,
    Wanda from Brushstrokes

  5. ... I say 'goody, goody (red) gumdrops'

  6. Your lamp is beautiful and I like the wire thingy with the birds on it also.

  7. Still love it. I actually never knew there was a flower called columbine. I just didn't want to say that on the first post. Now that you did another one I'm confessing.

  8. It all goes together perfectly! The painting is exquisite, I noticed it yesterday and the lamp is "vintage delish"!

  9. I especially LOVE the blue Columbine...so delicate and feminine.

    The lamp is amazing! I like the water color too...Willow is multi-talented as is her sister Betsy!!

    As for the gumdrops...they look very enticing! I would have to put candy that I DO NOT LIKE in my candy dish or I would pick one up at each passing!! HOW I WISH I did not like sweets!

  10. That is just so lovely, Betsy. I like that you still have a feminine home with all boys...gives me hope!!

  11. Love the pics. those flowers look so nice.

    BTw, I really like waht you wrote here:

    Cooking ~ grilled flank steak with corn casserole and couscous salad
    Drinking ~ creme brulee coffee
    Today's Simple Pleasure~ the peace of a clear conscience.

    --As always incredible food big prepared in your home. Yum..

  12. It's all beautiful and a very nice arrangement. I love the way you put things together.


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