Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harry Chester

Yesterday Susan from girlsinwhitedresses was
commenting on Harry's name. He's named after his
Great Grandpa Harry on the Mister's side.
When we were picking names for the triplets we
threw around a lot of choices. I thought it would be
nice to name one after both of his great grandpas until
I realized that my grandpa's name was Chester.
Harry Chester just was too funny! So we ended up
choosing the grandpa and great grandpa, making
the name Harrison William. Much more sophisticated
sounding, don't you think?
This got me think about those attendance lists that substitute
teachers and professors would pass around the classroom.
You are supposed to sign your name but I never did
see one that didn't have a few ficticious names added to it!
You know....like Harry Leggs, Ben Dover, Ima Plumber.
Penny Loafers, Colin Oscopy...you get the idea.
Anybody else ever sign a funny name to an
attendance sheet? Those poor subs!


  1. Pah ha! Harry Chester would have been Uh-mazing!! All of the kids would have been way jealous. :) Harrison William is a beautiful name, I must admit.

  2. Harry Chester made me laugh!! I'm still laughing!

    Those stir-fried green beans you mentioned on your side bar sure do sound yummy, too! Did you make them? If so, I'm curious how. I always love them at my fave Chinese restaurant, but I've never tried to make them.

  3. No joking, we had a customer named Willie B. High and another named Minnie Tartt.

  4. Lora ~ I buy Bird's Eye Frozen Whole Green Beans (they are thin and long). I place them in boiling water about 1 minute....drain, empty the water out of the saucepan and return the beans to the pan with a drizzle of olive oil and 1 clove of crushed garlic, salt and pepper. Stir fry over high heat about 1 minute and serve immediately. They are still crispy and have lots of flavor. And...it's super fast. Don't let them sit in a covered pan waiting for dinner of they'll get limp. I make them right before we sit down.

  5. I once sent a form round a class, and the name 'Dale Meadows' was written on it. Convinced it was a fake, I remonstrated with the group, only to find it was one guy's real name. What were his parents thinking of?

  6. As English is not my native language, I cannot say if Harry Chester sounds funny or not.;) By the way, is that name somewhat connected to the picture of the men's chest; I guess if that is, that joke is completely lost on me;)))

  7. I've always thought that your boys have such classy names. Harry Chester would not have been very classy, but certainly funny!

    No funny names signed by me, although I do have a pen name from when I worked in publishing.

  8. When I was in school one hundred years ago ;*) there were twin girls and their last name was Hogg. So what were the parents thinking when they named them Ima Hogg and Youra Hogg ?? This is really true !!!
    I will try the green beans after I finish enjoying your Bran muffins. They are just great Betsy. Got any more good recipes ?
    I live alone and I get bored with my own cooking. Hugs to you and your family ~~~~~

  9. Ha - how funny! I was loving Harry because I love all things British and royal (although poor Harry isn't faring too well in the media right now ...). I agree that Harry and Chester might be a bad combo, and eww, that photo!!

  10. I saw that photo on my blogroll and just chuckled clicking on it! I was relieved to know that was NOT YOUR Harry's chest!!!!
    I love family names and ALL your boys have very sophisticated and respectable names!
    AND again, I am GLAD that is not Harry's chest!!!!!!!

  11. Hmm, I think I am getting this now (after hours of consideration); Harry Chester sounds a bit like "hairy chest" right?;)))

  12. I can't remember signing any fake names....but that doesn't mean anything. I am forgetful after all.

    I have applied to be a substitute teacher in my area, so I may have some names for you in a few weeks ;-P

  13. Protege ~ yes, you got it! ha-ha!...sounds like hairy chest.

  14. Leslie ~ oh my, those names are horrible! Poor girls were probably teased unmercifully. Hopefully they married and got to change that! I love to cook, too! Glad you liked the muffins. I post a lot of recipes..just click on "in the kitchen" in my label cloud on the sidebar.

  15. Jill ~ ha-ha...no hairy chests yet...thankfully! But we are having to groom the peach fuzz on the faces! Where did my babies go?

  16. Have to say, I never did that actually!

  17. Funny post. Thanks for sharing it. Willie Makeit

    My wife is Betty Wont.

  18. Ha! This reminds me of the funny jokes we had, as kids, of books and their authors:

    Supporting Athletes by Jacques Strappe

    I Was Prepared by Justin Case

    Rusty Bed Springs by I.P. Freeley

    Falling Off a Cliff by Eileen Dover

    All About Flowers by Chris Anthymum

    Okay, okay, I'll stop now :-)

  19. I of course never did this but a popular one I have seen is:

    Chanda Lear

  20. Suza ~ hey...how are you doing? :)
    You have some really good names here..I'm laughing!

  21. I gave fake last names to the restaurant hostess a few times. Imagine the heads turning when our table freed up and she called Monstermash, party of 4.

  22. Harry Chester - now that's funny! I am amazed at some of the things people name their kids. I don't remember signing funny names, but my sis liked to put a little star by her name when she was signing attendance lists, and someone would often put another star down at the bottom and write something funny by it as if that's what her name meant. (We had a client at work once named Corella Wolfenburger!)

  23. That is too funny! The picture got me first, then the story.


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