Sunday, December 28, 2008

The New Year Lists

One of my favorite things to do the week between
Christmas and New Years is to make my annual lists.
I make sure I've purchased my calendar book before
Christmas so I'm ready to go during that lull
between the two holidays. It has to be pretty,
practical, and have lots of blank pages for me to fill!
I'm a huge list person and have them for the day, week
and a notebook full of them for the year!
It's rather obsessive, I know! But I do need the daily and weekly
ones just to keep a family of six moving in an orderly way.
And the annual lists are just for me personally.
I do a lot of self analysis....critiquing the past year and
noting what I want to do to improve.
I make goals for each family member as they relate to me.
And I make a list of ideas and things I want to try concerning autism.
I also do a critique of each room in the house and the yard and
make lists of goals, wishes and needs for each one.
During the year, it's so fun to flip through the lists and cross
off accomplishments!
If you are not a list person, I'm sure this would drive you crazy!
But if you need your lists like me, I'm sure you can relate to
the sheer joy I get out of planning out the year!


  1. I LOVE lists!!:) I've already started filling out my '09 planner, too. My mom always gets me one for Christmas and I so look forward to filling it in at the first of the year.

  2. Betsy, I love your new book. I can relate. I had to get a new address book and I also make lists. How can people keep track of things without them? It's almost 2009. This is the year I'll be 60. How does it all go so fast? Enjoy everyday with the boys. It all just zooms along. I look forward to your blog in the new year.

  3. Making lists is a very virgo thing to do! :^) So orderly. I'm afraid I don't really like them, except before a big event when I have to remember tons of things.

  4. That kind of sounds like something I'm going to do. I love the idea of a pretty book and of critiqing rooms. Nice!

  5. Hi Betsy, I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Ours was really good. I love lists and yes they are goals to me too. I make so many but they help me stay on track and even if I don't always follow them they help keep me positive. I write everything down, my plans I want for 10 years from now even. So I can really relate. I think it also helps my memory for daily things. Have a Happy and Blessed New Year. Ronda

  6. Hi Betsy, I am definitely a list person...makes me a feel a tiny bit more in control of my future. And it does feel good to accomplish a few of the items on the list. :-) Enjoy your blog. Susan

  7. I too am a total list girl. I love that feeling that comes with being able to cross something off the list!

  8. My goodness, and I thought *I* was organized. You go, girl! I like the way you are so intentional about the new year.

  9. Oh my. I like journals. Been keeping them for ages. I also like lists. I make them and then eventually throw them away. My latest list is about or on all the different kinds of bamboo there are. Nice replacement for lawn grasses etc.

  10. Willow ~ that is so interesting! I need to study up on virgos since I'm one of them! ha! You know, our other sister doesn't like lists, either!

  11. Jamie ~ I'm with you! That feeling of satisfaction of crossing things off....there's nothing like it!

  12. I have to admit, I do not write lists. But I guess, my responsibilities on daily bases, include only the cat and me.;) While I can imagine in your life, they include so much more.
    However, I do like traditions and writing annual lists seems to be a very important one in your life.

  13. I completely understand your joy. I started working on my planner about 2-3 weeks ago...lol.

  14. I am very impressed! I make lists, and get much more accomplished when I do. If it's not on a list, it doesn't exist. Bravo to you, especially with the critiquing and goal setting. You are my role model!

  15. I just wanted to tell you,
    I saw your triplets birthday photo on "faces of autism" amd they are beautiful!

    For that matter, the family photo on the blog is beautiful.

    You are one amazing lady!

  16. An award awaits you, my dear bloggyfriend!

  17. Hi………
    Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
    Great! Keep writing…….
    Good week……… You are Welcomed to my blog…….
    " A Happy New Year''

  18. My husband is a list fanatic and always after me to make them but I rarely do....Oh, to be better organized in the New Year!

    BTW, Is the "What's happening Now" feature one that you can add from your blog edit page or did you just create it under add an element?

  19. Rebecca ~ I just created it under the 'add an element'...and I used the "add a text" and just made up the thing like I wanted to. Willow and I got the idea from Blog Princess G and thought it would be fun! Go ahead and do it, too, it you like! :)

  20. Hi Betsy,
    What flavor tea would you like with
    my cookies?
    Thanks for visit and comment!
    XO, Nina

  21. i am a consummate list-maker as well although i'm not that into new year's resolutions. most of the goals i set are for me -- to grow as a person, a mom, a wife and an artist.

    the book looks ideal!!!

  22. Nina~ I'm really into Darjeeling tea at the moment, so that would be great with those wonderful cookies! ;)

  23. SO ambitious and SO Martha Stewart like! I love lists and goal planning but have a hard enough time making a list or goals for a day or week let alone an entire year!

  24. I am a huge list person too, but unfortunately with company and the chaos that is still the unpacking in my home, I didn't do any yet. Shame on me!


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