Friday, September 26, 2008

The Joy of Collecting

Do you collect anything? Collecting is a wonderful hobby
and I think most people do have something special that they
collect. My husband collects fountain pens,
books on US historical figures and
vintage flasks. I collect shells, old bottles, ironstone pottery,
old blue canning jars and sterling charms.
There are names for all of us and what we collect!
See if you can find yourself in the list below...
The name for a teddy bear collector is archtophilist or arctophile.
Collectors of dolls are called plangonologists.
A collector of paper money, coins, tokens is called a numismatist.
A collector of paper money is called a notaphilist.
A labeorphilist is a collector of beer bottles.
A collector of butterflies is called a lepidopterist.
Conchologists collect animal shells.
A collector of matchbooks and matchbook covers is a phillumenist.
A collector of antiques is an antiquarian.
If you collect obsidian and syenite you are called a rock hound.
A scripophilist collects old stocks and bonds.
A stamp collector is called a philatelist.
A pernalogist is a collector of pearls.
Cinephiles are film collectors.
A bibiophilist collects books.
A copoclephilist collects key rings.
A deltiologist collects post cards.
A collector of hi-fi equipment is called an audiophile
Spermologist collect seeds.
A spermologer is one who collects Trivia
A Heortologist collects religious calenders.
A Collector of walking sticks is a rabdophilist.


  1. I am intrigued by these fountain pens...the photo is so unique...a collection I have never seen...and so beautiful.
    Hope you are better today.

  2. The professor collects stamps, he's a philatelist! I have a collection of tea cups. And, our house is full of a collection of mod furniture and artifacts, most of which have been scavenged or thrifted.

  3. MG ~ 'scavenged or thrifted'...that's the best way to find little treasures!

  4. Jill ~ we need to find a name for someone who collects vintage aprons for you! :)

  5. Many of these names sound strangely medical. I'm sure if I introduced myself to someone as a spermologist they would think I was a fertility specialist! ha ha ha.

    There's a great line in a Bond movie:

    Bondgirl: "I collect memories"

    James Bond: "Then shall we get on with making some?" (as he raises his eyebrow...and his champagne glass!)

  6. Lavinia ~ I thought the same thing about the spermologist! tee-hee

    Collecting memories...hmmmm! Now what did Mr Bond have in mind!? ;)

  7. Interesting!! I guess I would be a antiquarian and bibiophilist and WT would be a phillumenist!

  8. Willow ~ I didn't know WT was a phillumenist! :) That word is really fun to say, by the way!

  9. That fountain pen is a beaut!

    I have fallen in and out of love with my collections through the years...cobalt glass, small houses, fairies and elfs, stamps, Little Golden Books, Toy Story stuff, pottery, old text books (mostly history and literature from elementary and high school levels)...probably more...what do they call someone who collects junk?

  10. My grandfather was a philatelist and I am too. Even though we have tons of books, and I have the complete collection of Nancy Drew and Dana Girls books, and almost complete collection of Hardy Boys books, I don't know if that would technically deem me a bibiophilist.

    Love the fountain pen picture.

    ~ Kayren

  11. Pinkdaisy ~ my grandfather collected stamps, too! In the later years of his life he would use some really old beautiful ones as postage. I was always horrified to see them used...maybe he figured he couldn't take them with him! Books are always fun to collect...especially a series. So neat that you have all the Nancy Drews!

  12. Steviewren ~ I've lost interest in some collections, too, and they have gone in garage sales. Tastes change as you live your life! As for a junk collector...hmmmm..


    or the least sophisticated sounding one....junk hound!


  13. My husband is a word person--eh will love this list...and will probably incorporate these words into random conversation. ha. i collect teacups, vintage luncheon plates, sugar tongs, etc...just in case i go into a tea business someday!

  14. Gracelaced ~ I love how all of your collections can be used together!

  15. Wow, that pen is cool. I collect a bunch of things. Wicker baskets, cows, Americana stuff, and Country Woman magazines.

    Molly collects bottles, shells, and Beanie Babies.

    Parker collects Monster trucks.

    Poor Bobby, he doesn't collect anything, though he does have a bunch of bowling balls and pocket knives he's been given.

  16. I'm a philatelist, a bibiophilist, a deltiologist and a knick knack collector too .. lol!

    Very nice post!

    Have a good weekend :-)

  17. Hmmmm. I wonder what it's called when you don't collect anything?

  18. Strider ~ that would be called BORING! tee-hee!

  19. OK...a lot of trivia for a sick person! I sure hope you feel better soon. I am not sure what a collector of Kleenex is called. :)

  20. I love collecting! Unfortunately, I collect everything. I have to start to whittle down... or build my own Suza Gallery.

    I love the pen - so elegant - what an interesting item to collect. Happy Saturday, Betsy!

  21. I feel like I should go start a collection....I hate to be left out. :)

  22. Marcia ~ you are too funny! Yes, I've really gone through the kleenex while being sick!....not collecting it, though! ;)

  23. i'm a bibiophilist plus i collect tons of other things that don't have a name any fancier than junk collector!!


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