Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Got An Award ~ Twice!

I received this award from my bloggy
friends Bobbi from Mixed Blessings,
and from Brandy at Brandy's Blurbs.
Both are fellow moms dealing with a
son with autism, so we immediately
have a special connection.
Thank you, ladies, for thinking of me!
In turn I would like to pass this award on
to Donna from Fragilemom. Donna is a
sweet mother and bloggy friend.
She has three children who have Fragile X
Syndrome. She faces a lot of challenges
and I love her transparency, determination
and sense of humor. So, Donna, I hope you
will accept this award and display it
proudly on your sidebar. I hope it
encourages you when you look at it
and know that you aren't alone in your
goal of being a super superior mom to
your wonderful kiddos!
Thanks, Bobbi and Brandy!
And Congrats, Donna!


  1. Thanks so much, Betsy! Oh how I wish I could meet you and everyone else who has been such a great encouragement to me! To read your words made me cry! Sounds silly, I know. But just when I feel like I have nothing left in me, I receive words that remind me that, yes, I have lots left! God richly blesses me with surrounding love! May His blessings pour out on you all!

    ps. How do I put it on my sidebar? Yes, I am simply blog-deficient.

  2. Fragilemom~ oh good, I'm glad you are pleased! Yes, it would be great to meet each other! I know the drained feeling...I'm feeling that way myself!

    To get the award, just right click on the award picture and save it in your picture file. Then you add it to your blog like you would any picture of your own. Let me know if you need any more help.


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