Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Am A....

1. From my little game posted yesterday
here are the answers! Could you guess
what this was in this man's hand?
It looks like an orange skin artfully
removed in one solid piece.
But it is actually an Ambush Starfish.
Here is a group of them on the ocean floor.
And here is one looking like his name describes!
2. So, what is this?
Is it a beautiful royal colored blossom?
No, it is a Purple Sea Urchin!
3. And what about this interesting looking thing?
It is a Mermaid's Purse!
Otherwise known as a Skate's egg sack.
And here is the Skate, in case
you were wondering what he looked like!
So....how did you do?


  1. I did....heh heh...don't ask....

    Mermaid's Purse? That is so beautifully romantic sounding. Like the name of a novel...have you read The Mermaid's Purse?

    What would be in it....I think tiny perfect pearls, a sea-shell comb, and a few coral beads...

  2. I was so wrong, but it was fun. They are beautiful creatures. This really shows that things aren't always what they seem. This comes from a girl that has been fooled many times. :)

  3. This is so fascinating! So where does your love of all things oceanic come from?

  4. BPG ~ I really don't know...I started collecting shells when I was pretty young. I've never lived near the ocean and have only seen it a handful of times. Isn't the mermaid's purse neat? I can almost envision a mermaid with that slung over her shoulder!

  5. Lavinia ~ yes, she would have some neat treasures in that purse - maybe some trinkets from a sunken ship, too!

  6. Nanatrish ~ I would have never guessed the ambush star. It really does look like an orange skin!

  7. Oh my -- my guesses were all wrong! LOL!

    I, too, love the idea of a mermaid's purse.

    Did you ever go scuba diving to see all these beautiful creatures up close?

  8. Pat ~ I've never been scuba diving! Only snorkeling. The reefs are beautiful but I've never been close enough to touch them like you would snorkeling.

  9. Well, I am just coming to your blog, so I didn't do any guessing. But I think you have answered a ? for my husband. He keeps picking up these black things on the beach that raddle. When you open it there is one little something that looks like a seed. It looks like your Mermaid's Purse. So maybe they have been on the beach so long they are all dried up.

  10. Leedra~ Hi~ hey, everyone is welcome to play or comment...even if you never have before! Thanks for commenting. When I was googling for photos of the mermaid purse I did see some that were dried and black! I bet that's what you are finding!


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