Monday, June 9, 2008

A Special Thank You

Some of you may remember me talking
about my feeling overwhelmed recently
with the care of our autistic triplet boys.
I have an aunt who lives in another state
that sent me the nicest letter this week
after reading that blog entry. She checks
my blog regularly and I was thrilled to get
her kind, encouraging letter in the mail.
I didn't know anyone sent hand written
letters anymore! LOL
She's a teacher and very familiar with
the ins and outs of special education in
a public school setting.
I just wanted to thank her here on my blog
and tell her and all of you what a note of
encouragement can do for a person!
Thanks, Janet!


  1. Handwritten letters and notes are a special gift.


  2. We all need encouragement, now and then, particularly when at a low ebb. What a kind aunt you have.

  3. That was so nice of your aunt. Sometimes just having others asknowlege what a person is going through makes a big difference in how they feel. Empathy counts for so much.

    {{{{Hugs}}}}} Pat

  4. Ok Betsy, gotta tell you about my new french manicure/ha
    Looks like a 2 year old got into mom's polish!!! you are talented girl to make you toes look so good/ha

  5. That was so nice of her. People can be so thoughtful. When you get a chance, I hope you post more about your boys. I love hearing about them. Good luck with the new teachers coming your way. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  6. I'm so glad you are feeling encouraged. It is nice to have tangible reminders that your struggles aren't forgotten and that you are cared for.

  7. Nanny ~ LOL. Did you do your toes? I think they are easier because you can use your dominate hand for both feet. I have a harder time with my fingers. You'll get better with practice. Too funny!

  8. Stevie, Pat, Lavinia and all ~ thank you for your hugs and kind words! We all need to remember how much our words can help others!

    Bobbi ~ I have a few posts about my boys that I'm working on. I'd like to get some current pics of them to go along...that's the hard part! LOL

  9. It's good to have an Aunt lke yours. Keep it up. God sees your efforts and you are blessings those sweet boys more than you can know. Your efforts and life's work matter!


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