Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday Walk

Yesterday four of my men took their Saturday walk
into town to the library. It's a favorite weekend routine
for the triplets. They have their own library cards and
it's fun to watch them scatter throughout the library
and pour over the books, music cd's and dvd's.
It's about 1 mile to the center of our little village and
the weather was beautiful. Good exercise for our
little couch/computer potatoes! ;)
They don't have any fear of traffic and will walk right in
front of a car, so you have to be on your toes when you are
taking them somewhere on foot like this.
It's fun to watch them come home with a big bag of rented
goodies in tow. They stopped at the pharmacy to pick up
some prescriptions. Spencer tried to walk out with a handful
of suckers there. Fortunately, Dad caught him as they
were going out the door. :)


  1. Now that is my kind of Saturday! I love walking to places, and I love the library.

  2. What a fun Saturday treat! I'm sure they really enjoy it. I love going to our library at least once a week, too.

    Funny about the suckers! ;)

  3. I used to walk to the local library when I was young. I loved being able to go to my favorite place whenever I wanted too.

    It is nice that you live in a spot where you can walk places. Living somewhere like that is on my list of wishes.

  4. Betsy, you've described a leisurely yet productive Saturday here; I hope the triplets enjoy their goodies for days to come. Sounds like its time to stock up on lollipops? Always plenty of those around at Hallowe'en, but as for the rest of the year...:)

  5. I walk to the public library at least once a week also and I'm glad thta your psot reminded me I have some DVD's and a "7 day book" to return today!

  6. Parker loves the library like that too. It's practically our favorite place in the world! What kind of books do your boys check out? Does your husband help them or do they find their own? Parker is all about trucks so I have to search everywhere for truck books.

  7. Bobbi ~ it's all about trains with our boys...books, videos, dvds. Spencer has really taken a liking to Scooby Doo and checked out the entire series. :)

  8. Libraries are a wonderful thing indeed. I'm always delighted when visiting small towns in Ontario that invariably have a lovely, stone library and above the lintel, the name Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie supported the construction of something like 2,500 of them, many of them up here in Canada. What a wonderful legacy.

  9. BPG ~ we have an old stone building here in town with Andrew Carnegie's name on it. It was originally the library years and years ago!


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