Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Favorite Backyard Spot

The Porch Swing
Some folks might say about our swing,
“It’s just an old and rusting thing,”
but I remember all the ways
that old porch swing would fill our days
~~~~ Upon that swing now hanging still,
moon rising o’er the distant hill,
Mama rested, sipping tea,
and sang sweet lullabies to me
~~~~ With silent rocking dreams were sought
on summer days when it was hot,
games we played while resting there,
chess, and checkers moved on squares
~~~~ Women gathered ‘round the swing,
to share the latest gossiping,
while sewing patches on our jeans,
or maybe popping garden beans
~~~~ Men returning from the field
would wait there for the evening meal,
at end of day, their work complete,
old Rex, our dog, lay at their feet
~~~~ Auntie sometimes shedding tears,
recalling friends lost through the years,
would pass the hours on our porch
swinging gently back and forth
~~~~ We courted on that creaking swing,
first love softly blossoming,
sneaking kisses in the night
veiled in shadows of moonlight
~~~~ Worn and weathered that old seat
has served us well, its use replete,
we now rock babes with curly hair,
soothing them with loving care
~~~~ Remembering yet those days of old
in summer heat or winter cold,
how we chanced to tarry there
making memories we could share.
Tammy Hillman


  1. What a wonderful poem. I love it, and I love your serene little spot. Do you sit there often? I think I would... it seems restful and shady.

  2. A lovely spot to sit and swing with the breeze, wiggling your french-manicured toes... :)

  3. MG and BPG ~ yes, it's lovely place to sit. It gets the morning sun so it is pleasant and shady in the afternoon, too. And I can see the pool from the porch swing. And yes, my beautiful toes can wiggle in the breeze! LOL (they still look good btw!)

    I rescued this swing from our neighbors curb one night 2 years ago. It was out with their garbage cans on trash night. It was in perfect condition...just needed a fresh coat of paint. I had just said the day before that I wanted a porch swing and then there it was! I always felt like it was a little gift right from God! :)

  4. There's just something old fashioned and tranquil about a porch swing, isn't there? I remember sitting on gliders back in the 50's on front porches. They must have been the hip version of the porch swing. ;)

  5. Willow ~ yes, the hip new gliders! I'm sure they were the rage in the 50's...funny. It is a tranquil, relaxing thing to sit there and swing....had my coffee out there this morning. It's secluded enough that I can slip out there in my nightie and not be seen....one of the benefits of landscaping finally maturing! LOL

  6. Oh Betsy...I love your porch swing and the poem spoke to my heart...

    a lovely post....

  7. Yes, a porch swing - what bliss.
    We had one on Long Island when our children were small.
    We really used it a lot.
    Greetings and all best wishes for a wonderful weekend.

  8. Elizabeth ~ welcome back to the US!Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too.

  9. Oh I'd love to sit here for a spell, with a glass of lemonade or ice tea, and a good book, and my faithful dog by my feet. The murmur of the leaves in the wind as a serenade...

    So peaceful....I hope you get to enjoy many such times on this porch this summer, Betsy.

  10. Porch swings..my favorite devotion spot. Betsy- On a different note, did you happen to see the piece on the Today Show today, the question of whether autism should be covered by insurance? I have never thought about that aspect of it. Just curious as to your thoughts.

  11. Kim ~ No, I didn't see that on the Today Show. But...yes I would want autism covered by insurance! With 3 autistic children, I have actually put $1000 on our credit card with one doctor's appointment!

  12. Betsy, some American relatives of mine have a disabled daughter...and other health challenges....when I was told what their monthly health insurance premiums are, I nearly fainted.

  13. What a beautiful spot & a beautiful poem! I pray that things will be good for your family & your boys :) btw, my son finally has an appointment with a neuro-psych in 12 days - hoping to get a diagnosis for him! God bless you!

  14. What a pretty swing and poem! I always dream about having a porch swing one day...although I'll need to acquire the porch first!

    Hope you are enjoying a nice breeze
    and a tall glass of lemonade.

  15. What a perfect spot to be on a lazy summer evening..sipping a glass of ice cold sweet tea...I wouldn't trade our porch for anything. There's nothing like sitting outside watching lightening bugs and staring at the stars..Of course, this week it's more like listening to the cicadas which are in full force here at the moment...

  16. Tess ~ I'm so glad for your sons appointment! Hope it all goes well and the diagnosis is a good one and correct! :)

  17. lovely!! i spent so many hours in my porch swing in my old hometown. it was my favorite place to read and watch the world go by!!

  18. Betsy,
    I love this poem! There is something about a porch swing...I look forward to having one someday soon. It won't have history other then to cover up the spot where Kris fell! :}


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