Monday, June 9, 2008

Auditory Integration Therapy ~ Neat Story!

Our triplet boys have very sensitive hearing, which is quite common
in children with autism. They are nonverbal, sensitive to sounds, and
they have auditory self-stimulation, such as constant humming
and covering their ears. We purchased some simple sound
blocking headsets at Lowes that are made for
construction workers using loud power tools.
The boys just love them and wear them and Alex especially
wears them constantly. But.... it is a quick fix to the sensitivity
and not a solution to the problem as a whole.
Spencer doing his Auditory Integration Therapy session.
Auditory Integration Therapy dates back 4o years ago to a French
ear surgeon, Dr. Alfred Tomatis, who made a series of
groundbreaking discoveries about the role of the ear and
hearing in brain development and organization.
Tomatis is still a well known name in this type of therapy, with
several Tomatis Centers around the country. ~~~~
Since there weren't any centers in our state, we chose an at-home
therapy based on the Tomatis plan. I did a lot of research and ended
up choosing Rocky Mountain Learning Systems out of Colorado.
They have a 10 week program ~ a set of 10 cd's of classical music
laced with different pitches and tones that de-sensitize the hearing.
Using The Listening Program literally exercises and tones tiny muscles
in the ear and helps build stronger multi-sensory pathways in the
brain. The brain receives especially rich auditory stimulation,
and its ability to process sound improves.
And I must tell you that it was expensive and we decided to
forego our Christmas gifts to each other to
get this for the triplets last December.
When I called to get the final consultation and order
the set, the lady said that I really should get their headset
with Bone ConductionTechnology along with the cd's to obtain
the maximum benefit for the boys. These are specialized headphones
adding subtle vibration of the skin and skeletal system,
engaging the whole body and brain in the listening process.
This multi-sensory approach accelerates and expands the benefits
of the therapy. It was another $1000 just for the headset!
I kindly explained that it would be financially impossible to do
that and that I would just order the set of 10 cds.
She did encourage me to buy a really high quality
headset then, which I agreed to do.
Well, the package came from them in the mail a few days
before Christmas. I hid the unopened box in our bedroom
because the boys will open any shipping box hoping it is
something neat for them! LOL!
I was busy with Christmas preparations and wasn't
going to be able to pour over the material and
start the therapy until the next week.
When I finally opened the box, there was a letter on the top
from the lady at the center. She thanked me for my order
and said that the set of cd's and all the necessary materials
were enclosed. She also said that she included the
special Bone Condition headset, considered a permanent loan,
because she was so impressed with our family and couldn't
imagine trying to get therapy for three boys with autism.
I remember just sitting in our living room
frozen with disbelief for quite a few minutes.
I called her and cried and she cried, too!
I called my husband who was really shocked and happy!
And I called Willow who reminded me that there are blessings
to be had by people if they will just step up and take them!
I know that God gave that woman a special blessing.
She didn't know us and didn't have to do anything but take my
order! And I know that God was doing just what he says he will do....
"exceedingly abundantly above what we can ask or even imagine"
We have completed 2 cycles of the therapy. Very severe cases like
our boys may take many many months. We have seen some
improvements in Spencer with a few more words
and better pronunciation. He rarely
wears his sound blocking headset from Lowes. :)
Alex still is very sensitive and lives in his headset.
Harry constantly hums and covers his ears once in a while.
We will continue to do the therapy and thank God for a wonderful
gift from a stranger willing to be used by him.


  1. That's so awesome, Betsy! I'm sure that your boys are really benefitting from their new goodies.
    And I love the pics of your *blooms*!

  2. Thanks, Lora! We're hoping for some really great results!

  3. Oh Betsy...You probably have no idea how God is using your life experiences. That you share with us now and then,allows for so many others to hear your story of hope. Your simple trust and faith in Him and the awesome way He provides...I cried as well when I read of the "good Samaritan" act of kindness... Good blessings for you today sweet friend.

  4. Thanks so much, Deedee ~ you are right...we have no idea why things happen or how our lives will touch others...just keep moving the ship and God will move the rudder....like you reminded me...I'm still thinking about those wise words from you!

  5. Betsy, this is such a wonderful blessing! Like, Deedee, this also brought tears to my eyes and I am so glad that God put this wonderful Saint in your path. He so often uses the most unlikely situations to bring about His glory. Who would've thought that the lady taking your order would have been moved to make such a kind gesture? Stories like this restores my faith that God truly works through us to give comfort to one another.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. And, I agree with Dee Dee, your faith in Him and your attitude of joy and thankfulness for your many blessing (despite the hardships) is such a ministry to me. I consider it a privilege to be able to observe your faith here.

  7. Rebecca & Modgirl ~ thank you...and yes, it just takes a little faith...I need to tell myself that every day. I'm sure we all have instances of God's care in our lives and we may not even realize at the time that God had a hand in it. It really is comforting.

  8. That's great. Definitely let me know how they work out. Sounds like you've already seen some improvement. What a blessing that that woman sent you the free earphones. I think because of your positive outlook on life that God gives you many blessings. You are really an inspiration!

  9. It is so wonderful how much you, and your husband, stive to do all you can to help your sons have a good quality of life, Betsy! I'm sure this woman was one of God's angels. She did a truly inspiring deed for your loving family.

  10. This is a fascinating piece on auditory integration... thank you for sharing your journey with autism for us. As for the lady who gifted you... it is great thing when people step above and beyond, in small ways and in great ways - it certainly makes you feel good about the world! It's always good to see posts about your triplets, what sweethearts they are! Four hugs for all your boys. :)

  11. That is fantastic. I'm so glad for you and your family. You are so admirable in the way you are carrying this responsibility and seeing the blessings in it all.

  12. Ditto to all of the comments above. Thanks Betsy for blessing me with this reminder of God's unfathomable love.

  13. What a sweet story!!! Why doesn't the media covers story like this so that people can realized how much a random act of kindness can mean? Thanks for blogging it!

  14. Thanks, all ~ for your very kind words. It is a good reminder, even to me, that my tiny effort of good to someone can mean more than I will ever know. And God does care for us in unexpected ways!

  15. You know Betsy this post was long so I printed it off and read it while standing in line at the bank. You know--depositing more of my $$$millions$$ (tee hee).

    Anyway, I was just overwhelmed when I got to the part about this woman's generosity toward you and your boys.

    The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't He, through people who may very well be strangers!

    So heartening to read this, and some very intriguing theories about auditory sensory as you say. Everything is intricately connected, in ways that science and doctors do not yet know...but new discoveries being made...sometimes of old discoveries!

    I hope the benefits of this sound therapy continue and increase for your triplets. Best of luck with this avenue, Betsy.

  16. Lavinia ~ thanks so much...I can just see you with bloggers entries in hand standing in line at the bank. LOL. You really are missing your computer! I would, too!


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