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Ohio Giants

While many of us are on the topic of archeology, digging
bones, and ghosts, I'm reminded of a website that
I have kept in my favorites for a couple of years.
I was fascinated to know that there must have been a
large population of giants living in my state of Ohio
and in all parts of the United States
several hundreds of years ago. Interesting that I never
heard about any of it before!
It seems that this area was occupied before the "red-skinned
Indians and before the white race."
Here are some parts of recorded history of the findings~~
Marion County, Ohio (1883)
In removing the gravel bluffs, which are numerous and deep,
for the construction and repairs of roads,
and in excavating cellars, hundreds of human skeletons,
some of them giant form have been found.
A citizen of Marion County estimates that there
were about as many human skeletons
in the knolls of Marion County as there
are white inhabitants at present.
The History of Brown County, Ohio (1883) Mastodonic remains are occasionally unearthed
and from time to time, discoveries of the remains
of Indian settlements are indicated by the appearance
of gigantic skeletons with high cheek bones,
powerful jaws and massive frames peculiar
to that of the Red man who left these as the only record
with which to form a clue to the history of past ages.
Editor: Henry Howe, L.L.D. (1888) There were mounds situated in the eastern part of the village
of Conneaut and an extensive burying-ground
near the Presbyterian Church, which appear to have had
no connection with the burying places of the Indians.
Among the human bones found in the mounds were
some belonging to men of gigantic structure.
Some of the skulls were of sufficient capacity to admit
the head of an ordinary man, and jaw bones that
might have been fitted on over the face with equal facility.
The other bones were proportionately large.
The burying-ground referred to, contained about four acres.
The Firelands Pioneer (1858) In this connection I would say that Mr. Jonathan Brooks,
now living in town, stated to me that his father,
Benjamin Brooks, who lived with the Indians fourteen years,
and was well acquainted with their language and traditions,
told him and others that it was a tradition of the
Indians that the first tribe occupying this whole country,
was a black-bearded race, very large in size and subsequently
a red-bearded race or tribe came and killed
or drove off all the black-beards, as they called them.
Noble County, Ohio In Seneca township was opened, in 1872,
one of the numerous Indian mounds that abound
in the neighborhood. This particular one was locally
known as the "Bates" mound. Upon being dug into it was
found to contain a few broken pieces of earthenware,
a lot fo flint-heads and one or two stone implements
and the remains of three skeletons, whose size would indicate
they measured in life at least eight feet in height.
The remarkable feature of these remains was they had
double teeth in front as well as in back of the mouth
and in both upper and lower jaws. Upon exposure to the atmosphere
the skeletons crumbled back to Mother Earth.
A History of Ashtabula County, Ohio (1878) In cultivating the soil in the vicinity, implements have been found,
and in excavating the ground for graves
it is said that bones have been exhumed
which seemed to have belonged to a race of giants.
This land at one time belonged to a Mr. Pegleg Sweet,
who was a man of large size and full features;
and it is narrated at one time he, in digging,
came upon a skull and jaw which were of such size
that the skull would cover his head and the jaw
could be easily slipped over his face, as though the head
of a giant were enveloping his...
The graves were distinguished by slight
depressions in the surface of the earth,
disposed in straight rows, which, with intervening spaces
or valleys, covered the entire area.
The number of these graves has been estimated
at being between two and three thousand.
Aaron Wright, Esq., in 1800,
made a careful examination of these depressions,
and found them invariably to contain human bones blackened
with time, which upon exposure to the
air soon crumbled to dust. Some of these bones
were of unusual size, and evidently belonged
to a race allied to giants. Skulls were taken
from these mounds, the cavities of which were
of sufficient capacity to admit the head of an ordinary man,
and jaw-bone that might be fitted over the face with equal facility.
Thye bones of the upper and lower extremities
were of corresponding size.
In Ohio and other states....
1856 West Virginia, Wheeling: A human skeleton was discovered
by labourers while ploughing a vineyard measuring almost 11 feet tall.
1858 Ohio, Vermillion Township: Skeletons of a race of beings
much larger than the local inhabitants were discovered.
1870 Ohio: In Brush Creek Township a large mound contained
skeltal remains of several humans up to nine feet tall.
A large stone tablet with unknown insriptions
similiar to Greek writing was also found.
1872 Ohio, Seneca Township: When the "Bates" mound was opened
the remains of three skeletons, whose size would
indicate they measured in life, at least, eight feet in height,
were found. A remarkable feature of these remains
was they had double teeth in front as well as in
back of mouth and in both upper and lower jaws.
1873 Ohio, Seville: An Ohio Bicentennial Commission historical
marker serves as a reminder that the Giants of Seville,
Captain Martin Van Buren Bates and his wife,
Anna Swan Bates, lived in the village of Seville in Medina County.
Anna stood 7 feet 11 1/2 inches tall and weighed 413 pounds.
Martin was 7 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 480 pounds.
In this graph, the smallest skeleton on the left is the
height of an average man, around 6 feet tall.
The others are of giants found all over the world
ranging from 9 to 36 feet tall.
Isn't it interesting that in history class we are told
that the American Indians were the first to inhabit
this land! I wonder why! This is so interesting!


  1. Fascinating! I've never heard any talk of giants before. I find it very interesting.

  2. Oh my..This is extraordinary..I'll have to come back in the morning and read more thoroughly( I'm still trying to absorb the ending of LOST..LOL!!) but I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for one of the 5 Blogs that makes my day. Come over to my blog for more details about the award..Congratulations!

  3. http://www.khouse.org/articles/1997/22/

    Try this link for a Biblical view of giants.

  4. What an interesting post! I have alot of family that live in OH but none are giants! LOL!! So are you still keeping up with #24? Top 5 finish last week....barely!!

  5. I've never heard of this before. Interesting. Poor Anna Swan Bates, 413 lbs - it couldn't have been easy for her to find a dress that fit or enough fabric to make one.

  6. beautiful flowers! I found your blog through Willow's--gorgeous!

  7. Rebecca ~ Well, thanks so much for the nomination. :) All of you Lost fans seem speechless today....must have been quite an ending ! LOL And have a wonderful trip to the beach! :)

  8. Anon ~ I'm going to assume this is about the hephalim? That is a very interesting subject and very intriguing! I'll check out your link...thanks.

  9. Rebecca #2 ~ Yes, great race....a top 4 was a great comeback...yea!

  10. Steviewren ~ yes, poor lady! All the hand sewn clothing back then! At least she found a man as big as her, huh! Never hearing about this before...yes! me, too!...but why not? Why were we taught in school that the American Indians were the first ones? Very interesting!

  11. Brush with Color ~ hello! Thanks for coming over to my blog and introducting yourself! I'll pop over to your site and pay a visit!

  12. Very intriguing! I'll have to look into this more....maybe I should start digging around here? ;)

  13. What a fascinating mystery. Have any of these skeleton or skull fragments been carbon dated or otherwise tested to determine how long ago these giants existed? I need to know this!!!

    I find this part very intriguing:

    "1870 Ohio: In Brush Creek Township a large mound contained
    skeltal remains of several humans up to nine feet tall.
    A large stone tablet with unknown insriptions
    similiar to Greek writing was also found. "

  14. Willow ~ yes, start digging! :)

  15. This is so interesting, Betsy! Have any such giant skeletons been found recently? There would be so many more tests they could do now to determine their age and race, etc. The double row of teeth is so unusual.

  16. Pat ~ yes, I think the teeth is the most interesting thing! None have been found recently, as far as I could tell by this information.

  17. Becky...that is so interesting..I wonder as well that we have heard none of this before...you know the Bible speaks of giants in the land...Hmmmm


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