Friday, April 11, 2008

Springtime Wreath

The wreath has a long history dating back to the ancient cultures
of the Persian Empire. Beginning in 776 B.C., wreaths made of laurel
leaves were used to crown victors of Olympic Games.
Exactly when the transition from head ornament to wall decoration
occurred is unclear. It is likely that celebration attendees simply hung
the leafy headbands on their walls as souvenirs.
Today, beautifully decorated wreaths are not only an integral
part of the December holidays, but they're popular throughout
the year, decorated to fit each season. In the early days in Europe,
people would put wreaths on their doors to identify their
home in the same manner that house numbers are used today.
Each house would have a different wreath made of quite
exotic flowers, most likely grown by the home owner right
on their own land. Well, I'm glad I didn't have to grow
the flowers for this wreath! Silk ones dug up in my
work room will do just fine! Sometimes I get a bird
couple trying to build a nest in it. Hopefully I waiting long
enough that the nesting process is done for the most part
in our yard! Now the front door looks cheerful!


  1. How pretty...and I really enjoyed the background information...Do you remember when the grapevine wreaths fist came along? I would make them myself..I had them everywhere...front door, back door, on the walls in almost every room...I made them for family members and friends..Eventually I tired of them...Hmmmm....it was then I started making woven baskets :)...life is funny that way...Dee Dee

  2. Deedee ~ Yes, I remember the grape vine craze! I even had a grapevine tree that I used as my Christmas tree for several years.
    I'd love so see some baskets you made ~ you should do a blog entry on them!

  3. Betsy -- Thank you for your kind, kind comment over at my place. I appreciate it so much, and for your prayers. I did the post as an encouragement for a dear, dear friend and her husband who are waiting for a referral in an international adoption. They've been waiting over a year already -- the wait is difficult yet they have been so joyfully patient. I know it is hard for them; they are so eager to hold their little one in their arms as well as in their hearts.

  4. And, I like your wreath! I can't believe you made that yourself! I love your bright blue door... reminds me of Dublin!

  5. Sensational photo. It could easily be on the cover of a Martha Stewart Magazine. What a nice thing for all your house's visitors to see.

    Thanks for posting that.

  6. Your wreath looks gorgeous on your blue door! You would love some of my retired ones. There's a beautiful yellow rose one that would be perfect on that blue.

  7. I LOVE your blue door! And the wreath is so pretty, too. What a cheery entrance for guests.

  8. Very pretty for Spring! I love it.

  9. MG ~ an international adoption for your friends...very exciting! One of my best friends has 5 adopted children. Two of them from China, and each of the five with their own unique story of how they came to this family. I'm sure the waiting seems long! I seem to remember my friend's taking quite a long time.

    and Willow ~ hmmmm....handmedowns are always welcome! :)

  10. A colourful door is always a joy. The loveliest homes I have known have had deep green, bold red, or rich blue doors. Yours is so welcoming and cheery, especially with your beautifully crafted wreath. :)


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