Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Robin

We really have a lot of robins in our
yard. Here in Ohio, they are considered
one of the first signs that spring is here!
They are known, of course for their
bright orangey red breast and their
bright blue eggs.
They are known for their habit of hopping
along the ground and also for
cocking their head to one side.
When they do this, they are actually listening
for worms moving underground.
On a good day, one robin will eat 15 feet (yes, feet)
of worms! They also eat insects and even small
frogs. They do not eat seed.
Because of their eating habits, they are especially fun
to watch in a birdbath. They don't just daintily stand
on the side and take a sip...they jump straight in and
take a whole bath. They need it after all that digging
in the dirt! We usually have nests on several downspouts
on our house each spring. The young are so fun to
watch. Aren't these two especially attentive to when
mom or dad is coming back?
*photos from google images


  1. Oh Betsy, thank you for this lovely post. I love robins! So cheeky... This one looks a bit like an English robin, a very different bird but with similar colouring, but much smaller and rounder. I love how they move and gesture.

    My grandmother had a regular visitor to her garden, every time she worked on her wonderful rose beds. He would come and sit on the handle of her spade as she knelt down to pull out worms for him. He would sometimes fly down and just perch on her outstretched finger tips, his little sharp feet touching her before flying off with his fat worm.

  2. BP ~ I never knew robins could be so tame! What a wonderful story of that one and your grandmother!
    So cute! They hop around my yard when I'm digging in the garden but wait until I've gone to come find the worms in the dirt I've turned over. Thanks for sharing!

  3. "Little Robin Readbreast
    Sat upon a rail.
    Niddle, naddle went his head;
    Wiggle, waggle went his tail"

    Such memories! I must have recited that little poem to my daughter a thousand times when she was very small. We had a book of nursery rhymes and she loved this one especially.

    Terrific pictures...I especially like the one of the robin's eggs. Such a lovely hue.

  4. Betsy..what a wonderful post today..I do so love robins....your pictures are beautiful..love the babies ...each year our yard is filled with them as they migrate toward the north...They're only here for a week or two and then they leave... thank you for all the information..very nice..Dee Dee

  5. I love birds!

    Yesterday, we sat on the sunny back porch, doing our schoolwork. We saw and heard all kinds of lovely feathered friends: chipping sparrows, two bluejays, a brilliant male cardinal, a carolina wren, a house finch couple, grackles, and crows. We did not see any robins, although we have in the past!

  6. Thanks for this...I think I'm going to have the girls read your bird posts too! So much to learn.
    I've just spent the better part of a 1/2 hr. getting caught up on your posts. Loved every minute of it.

  7. Hi Betsy, I don't know you, but I've enjoyed your comments on my blog and I've loved reading yours. Some of the things that you like are the very same as mine :) Your blog is beautiful! My sister has the identical twin girls...they were born 3 months early because of Twin-To-Twin-Transfusion (a miracle that they both lived), and then when they were 6 years old, Emily was diagnosed with CML (Leukemia). She endured 2 bone marrow transplants and 3 years of fighting for her life...on Mother's Day 2004, she passed away, in her mother's (my sister) arms, in a hospital in Tennessee. She was buried on my birthday. Anyway, sorry this is so long...you don't have to publish it on your blog. Multiples fascinate me - Are your triplets identical? I homeschool my 14 yr old son...he has Asperger's Syndrome. I will be sure to continue to read your blog! Have a great day! Tess

  8. Tess ~ thanks so much for commenting. I've enjoyed looking at your blog for several days now. So very sorry to hear about Emily. She was such a cutie! You should post a current pic of Megan. I bet she's all grown up looking now. :) My triplets are a singleton and a set of twins ~ identical. But they all three look very much alike. I admire you for homeschooling your AS son ~ something I don't think I could do! Let's keep in touch. Thanks again for stopping by.

  9. Thanks for your prayers for Bill. He definately needs them. Texas this weekend!!! Go 24!


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