Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Secret Tooth Collection

A few years ago when all four of our boys were
having a lot of loose teeth and getting their
12 year molars, Spencer was especially interested
in the whole process. Here he is checking to see
if big brother Taylor has any teeth ready to come out!
Anybody familiar with autism knows that one trait is
the obsession to line up toys, objects....anything!
Only one of my boys, Alex, still does this quite
religiously from video tapes to cereal boxes.
Many months after all the loose teeth, I was cleaning
out the boys' bedroom closet and found this neat little
row of teeth.....way in the back on the floor, lined up
against the baseboard!
I'm sure it was Spencer, given his obsession with
the whole process at the time. He didn't get the idea of
the tooth fairy, but he certainly felt the need to
hide them in an orderly fashion as they fell
out of his mouth!


  1. I guess he was squirrelling away his chompers for a rainy day. That's very cute!

  2. THAT is SO cute and hilarious! Love it. :):):)

  3. He wanted to save them, how cute!

  4. I am SO glad you took that picture! I love it.

  5. Hi Betsy: That was funny! My son was dx'd at age 5 and his OCD was/is stacking things as high as he can, and then knocking them down. His other OCD thing is pacing, which didn't pan out well when he started school.

    As for tooth fairy, he didn't get the concept either until we started breaking down the dollar bill the tooth fairy left into dimes. Collecting dimes became his new past time.

    He is going to be 26 on May 8th. Oh, and he still paces!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Hi Anne ~ thanks for coming over to my blog! Sounds like we have a few things in common with my boys and your son. I'd love to keep in touch!


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