Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Peacemaker

Made in God’s image, in His likeness
Power to create in my hands
What I think, say or do
Shapes the situation
Past is gone, future unknown
What NOW ?
My influence on this journey
In my space makes a difference
Being creative, using God’s gifts
Receiving His peace
Let me be…a peacemaker !
"Above all, I believed that I and each and everyone of us,
have the power and the mission to create, to make peace.
In fact, each human being has the power
and choice to either make peace or war!
So, I prayed to the Lord:
"Let me be: a peacemaker"
I wish everyone else too,
through this poem,
would chose to be "peacemakers".
The Lord who said:
"Blessed are the 'peacemakers'
will certainly reward us!"
Fr. Louis Marie Navaratne O.S.B.

***still hoping and praying***

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