Saturday, March 29, 2008

Peppercorns, Olive Oil and Kosher Salt

I like to watch cooking shows when I
get a chance. It's always fun to see
what's being prepared, how it is done, and
I try to pick up some new idea or tip
that makes my own cooking a little better.
I recently decided to use more olive oil.
I know it's good for you and has a nice
fruity flavor but really never used it much.
I even had this cute little stainless olive
oil can in my pantry that I got to bring out
and enjoy! I've loved the flavor and am
already on our third big bottle. My
last use was for homemade croutons ~~
cubed bread, drizzled with olive oil,
kosher salt, Italian seasoning and garlic
powder. The smell from the oven was
I've used peppercorns and a grinder
for years now. It's amazing how much
better the freshly ground tastes!
The last time I needed peppercorns I
got this tricolored mix. I really can't
tell much difference in the taste,
but they sure are beautiful!
And as I was saying above, I started
using Kosher salt. All the gourmet
cooks talk about what a big difference
it is, allowing the food flavor to really
come through and not be over-powered
by the salt. It really does enhance the food!
I like it in cooking , but not so much in baking
as I find the coarse grains don't always dissolve
in a baked good. But for meat, fish and
veggies, it's wonderful! Not to mention it's
really fun to sprinkle out of this little bowl!
Thanks Giada, Ina and Paula!
You're the best!


  1. Your olive oil can is wonderful! I've not seen one before. I love the cooking shows too. And all the specialty food shops that are around now are my favourites. There is always some new ingredient or gadget to inspire me to try something new. I finally bought some silicon cookware - muffin/cupcake tins. Haven't been able to get my head around this stuff until now when - at my favourite shop - they encouraged me to try. We'll see what happens. Last week I found some pink peppercorns - very charming. Well, they're pink - how wrong can that be?

  2. Just read your quote of the week - that is so perfect!

  3. BP ~~I love those little shops, too! So charming and the beautiful way everything is packaged ~ it is so pleasant just to browse! I have a friend who loves the silicon cookware. I've never tried it before. You'll have to let me know how you like it! There are pink peppercorns in my tricolor mix ~ a whole bottle of pink would be so neat! Just make sure you "live a beautiful life" and enjoy using them instead of letting the bottle gather dust! ha-ha!

  4. I was just thinking yesterday about how I should write a post on why I love Kosher salt! The flavor is so much softer than regular table salt.

    As for olive oil, we love it! But wouldn't I love to have a beautiful can like yours!


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