Monday, March 24, 2008

Keeping House

I seem to have let my housekeeping fall apart over the last year!
I’m feeling the need to get back on a good routine so this place is
running smoothly. I made a list of everything that needed to be done
in our home each week. It is an ideal list and it may not all get done,
but I usually hit around 95%.The list has all the normal things like
cleaning bathrooms, and vacuuming,to other things like cleaning
out one kitchen drawer and straightening one closet
(with the idea that each week I'll pick a new drawer or closet) I also have things on there like, trim the boys' fingernails,
wipe the baseboards in one room, catch up the paperwork
on my desk, wash all the throw rugs, Anyway, you get the idea. I've also added some things
on there so I'm not completely self absorbed....things like
"do something encouraging for someone else", or bake cookies
and give half of them away, do some autism research, etc.
There are about 50 things total.
A few years ago I had this schedule and it works great for me. Why did I allow myself to get off track???? There really isn't a need for
too much spring cleaning because everything gets done on a nice cycle. I guess it's the idea of maintaining a clean home. And because I like some freedom in my weekly chores, I don't assign
things to certain days. This allows me to do what I'm in the mood to do. This kind of goes along with my love of puttering! I have the list on my computer and print it off each Monday. My goal is to have everything crossed off by the end of the week! I get an incredible sense of satisfaction in crossing the things off! (A little obsessive compulsive, I think!) One thing that does need to be
done officially as spring cleaning....washing windows! They are
so neglected! And with the bright sunshine today, it’s really obvious!
Still too cold to wash windows, but the rest of the list is waiting! Better get busy.....


  1. Hi. I just found your blog from a comment you left on another blog (Just a Bunch of Nothin', I think). I love your "About Me" profile! My husband and I have 3 children with Fragile X. I look forward to reading more of your entries. I'm semi new to the blogging world. I just figured out pictures this month! Would love to have you visit.

  2. Hi fragile! Thanks for visiting...I'm new to blogging, too! I'll come and check out your site.

  3. I think that's a grand plan! I'll try one myself and see how it goes. :)

  4. Thanks for your nice comment about my post today. Thanks also for the housekeeping inspiration. Sometimes I need all I can get!!

  5. Oh dear, you always were very good about making and sticking to your lists! I am disorganized and comfortably so. Ah well... ;)

    ps~~am I the only one who has to type these silly word verifications more than once? I can never get them right the first time! :o

  6. On many blogs I have to retype the word verifications... not sure why as I'm a pretty good typer, dagnabit!

  7. Yes, I have to retype them all the time!

  8. I love the cleaning list,,,,but on the windows,,, everytime I tackle them, it comes a blowing rain and bam,,,dirty again, ha
    SO I kinda put that one off, way to long/ha I tilt the blinds where I can't see the spots....

  9. nanny ~ I can totally relate. I always procrastinate on the windows....and blinds for that matter! They are awful!


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