Monday, March 3, 2008

Charming Charms

One of my new blog friends was commenting on my
charm bracelets. I had previously posted ones
that I put together to sell. I mentioned that the
traditional bracelet is uncomfortable to me ~
always in the way or catching on my clothes.
I put my own charms on two necklaces and
really enjoy wearing them this way.
The first one is on a vintage charm holder.
It has charms on it to commemorate
my Scotish heritage.
This second one is patterned after
a charm necklace that I saw in a
magazine. It is a lariat style,
meaning that the clasp is worn
in front with a single length of chain
hanging from it to hold the charms.
Charms are so fun to collect!
There are beautiful vintage ones
and some very nice new ones available.
I especially love my little Fiesta Ware
pitcher, the woven wicker basket
and the enamel blue bird.


  1. So charm-ing! ;) Love the Scottish one.

  2. Willowmanor ~ do you remember the little buck? It's old ~ from our original bracelets when we were little!

  3. the second one says so much about you! love it

  4. Okay, I love, love, love the vintage charm holder! What a perfect solution for people like you and me who find charm bracelets bothersome or have wrists and hands are much too skinny to wear most bracelets.

    The little Fiesta Ware pitcher is great!

    And, since I know nothing about charm collecting... where do you find the vintage ones? I think I like those the best!

  5. Modgirl ~ I found all of mine through ebay...even the charm holder. I just checked and under a search for "vintage charm holder", I found 19 up for auction and most were under $10. If I'm searching for a particular vintage one, I just put that in my search. But my favorite charm seller is harmonicway. They are a little pricier but they have wonderful ones with a lot of detail and quality. They have a lot of retro looking things too...really fun to browse through their site. If you end up getting anything let me know! It's so fun!

  6. here from ModGirl's site, first comment:

    Love the lariat, what a clever solution! I'm not a charm collector so this was very interesting.

    And had no idea that was a fiesta pitcher, thanks MG.

    deb meyers


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