Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moon Cookies

I've always been fascinated with the moon!
So, it just seemed natural to make
moon cookies for a gift basket
for a new baby girl.
Hopefully the new mom and dad will enjoy
looking at and then munching on these sweet treats!


  1. Those cookies are amazing. You are an expert on those little dots! I would go nuts doing the dots. ;) Jr. was just telling me how horrid the homemade decorated cookies were at the deli. They need to have you come in and do a workshop. Seriously.

  2. Those are so amazingly beautiful! And they look yummy too, unlike storebought. You are talented.

  3. oh my goodness. looking at those cookies almost made me cry as I remembered you making them for us when Anna was born.

  4. Willow ~ hmmmm...I workshop would be fun!

    mrs mordecai ~ I loved your recipe for peanut butter bars and wrote down the lemon poppy seed scone to try soon! You are quite a little baker! :)

    jen ~ I remember! She's so grown up now! :)

    Thanks, veggiemom ~ hope you had a nice anniversary! :)

  5. I am very new to this whole blog thing and not sure exactly how this works. I would love more details from you on your cookie making. They look so perfect. Recipe?
    Jackie in Georgia

  6. Hi Jackie ~

    The frosting is egg whites, lemon juice and powdered sugar. Make it very runny so it goes on smooth and then dries shiny. Thicken the remaining frosting with more powdered sugar so you can pipe on the outlining and details. Hope that helps!

  7. Would you share your cookie dough recipe?
    Jackie in georgia


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