Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Boys

Even though we have 4 boys,
these three are known as
"the boys". They are our
challenge in life, but they are sweeties!
They have autism, they are non-verbal,
and considered low-functioning.
They were diagnosed before all the
new treatments of this decade came out.
At that time, the best treatments
were the prescription drugs and and ABA.
Both were mildly helpful.
The GFCF diet didn't do anything for them.
It wasn't until we sought out a new DAN
doctor and had extensive testing done on
their hair, blood, stool, etc that we
began treating their physical problems
to reach their autism.
Treating digestive issues, candida yeast,
chronic constipation and ability to absorb
nutrition made a huge difference!
We give DMSA for mecury detox,
as our finances allow. And we
also give them Methyl B12 injections.
The nutrition, yeast control and
heavy metal detox will probably go
on indefinitely.
We are currently in the first stage of
Auditory Integration Therapy to help
reduce their sensitivity to sound.
I highly recommend the book
Children With Starving Brains
by Jacqueline McClandess.
And don't let the picture deceive
you ~ they look so harmless here!
We've had our share of melt-downs,
tantrums, and completely humiliating
moments. This photo is a rare
pleasant experience out and about
and maybe that's why it's one of my
There are quite a few parents of
children with autism blogging here
and I've enjoyed meeting several of
you. It's wonderful to see what each
of you are doing to help your children.


  1. "The Boys" are the sweetest boys!!
    Big hugs to all of you!! :)

  2. they are beautiful! i am so glad you found a good DAN! it helps so much to have conclusive evidence...also, have you read Dr. Bock's new book...i can't read them all...but that one has been highly recommended and so far has been worth the squeezed time i have found for it!

  3. I loved the honesty and clarity of this post...and I love you!

  4. granolachic ~ Hi! No, I haven't read that book. Thanks for recommending it!

    jen ~ I love seeing your comments! Thanks.

    Hugs to you, too, Willow ~ we love you. :)

  5. As another parent with an autie in the "first wave" that started in the late eighties, I salute you for continuing to do what must be done to open up as many opportunities as you can for them. It amazes me that trying new things, even in the teen years, can bring about exciting developments!

  6. Our Xmas family picture is perfect. I will not admit to the number of attempts to get it so. I saw a speaker in a session I was at on ASD.. she called it her "perfect moment in time". Fits.


  7. Lovely photo! They do look very angelic - but i can imagine!!

  8. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Some of you are new and I look forward to checking out your sites!

  9. I was just checking out all the beautiful photos you have on your blog and was so happy to see this picture of your boys! What a group, they look so happy together! I find it SOO difficult to get a decent picture of my four children! Thanks also for sharing about your experience with treatments and therapies. We haven't explored much with biomedical issues with my son yet. An upcoming step for us will be getting back on track with visits to the neurologist.

  10. This is a great photo! They look like they're having a great time.


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